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Why An HTML Sitemap?
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Gain More Search Engine Traffic And Have More Pages Indexed With A Clean And Professional HTML Sitemap

Point-And-Click Your Way To An HTML Sitemap  Fast, And Keep It Automatically Up-To-Date Later As You Add More Pages


HTML Sitemaps are quite possibly the easiest way to have all of your pages indexed by the search engines. That's because search engines such as Google "crawl" through the links on your site looking for pages to index.

With an HTML sitemap, you will have one page that contains a link to all of the other pages on your Web site, all in one easy location.

Search engines will love this...and your visitors will love it too!

html sitemap blueThey will have a place where they can go, quickly and easily, to find what they are looking for on your Web site.

HTML Sitemaps are a must have if you want a professional Web site that is both search engine and user friendly.

But how do you create one of these sitemaps?

For most people, it's very time-consuming creating and updating an HTML sitemap. You have to...

  • mess with HTML code until you get it "just right"
  • constantly check to see if it's formatted correctly
  • "tweak the code" each and every time you add a new page

But now there's a better way. It's called the HTML Sitemap Generator.

I understand just as much as anybody how much of a hassle it is to create an HTML sitemap. It's one of those "do it tomorrow" tasks that you never seem to ever get around to.

I decided to put my Computer Science skills to work and build a software program that creates a sitemap for your site effortlessly, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Everything is drag-and-drop. So you can position each page title exactly where you want to. Once you're finished, all you have to do is copy-and-paste the automatically created HTML code into the page you want.

You'll instantly have an HTML sitemap that will get you one step closer to having a successful Web site that attracts hundreds and thousands of visitors a day.

Turn A Visit Into A Frequent Visitor

From my own personal experience of viewing Web sites (especially blogs), one of the first things I do is look for an HTML sitemap or archives section to get a glimpse of what the site is all about.

Visitors that come to your Web site are bombarded with sales pitches and other quality Web sites on a daily basis.

When a visitor first comes to your site, they are usually skeptical. They ask themselves, "What will this site do for me?" If a visitor checks out your HTML sitemap, you'll be able to answer that question loud and clear...

"These are the pages I have. And here is a link to each page for you to check out!"

When you can answer that critically important question "what's in it for me" as quickly as possible, you'll begin to notice that you have many more repeat visitors to your site.

Get your first impression just right with an HTML sitemap. Let your visitors know that you are after their best interests.

Update Your HTML Sitemap In Seconds

What really sets the HTML Sitemap Generator apart is its ability to keep your HTML sitemap up-to-date.

Before, each and every time you would write a new page, you would have to immediately update your HTML sitemap. Or, you would have to remember which pages you added the next time you would decide to update your sitemap.

The HTML Sitemap Generator completely eliminates this issue, so you can focus on building your eBusiness instead.

With one click of your mouse, the HTML Sitemap Generator will scan through your pages to see if you have added anything new. If so, it will show you what those pages are so you can easily drag-and-drop them into your HTML sitemap.

You can make a note that on the first day of the month, you'll update your sitemap. Spending the rest of the month working on your Web site, without having to worry about updating your Sitemap.

Works On An Unlimited Number Of Web Sites

The HTML Sitemap Generator works on an unlimited number of Web sites. This means that every Web site you have, now and in the future, will have a professional HTML sitemap that gets picked up by the search engines.

You'll receive more traffic to your site, because many of those lesser known pages become indexed and ranked for keywords that are relevant to that page.

trafficThose extra visitors you receive, month after month, will eventually click on your ads and/or purchase your products.

That means more income, with hardly any extra time on your part!

Visitors will recognize your "brand" and consider your site professional, even if it's just one person (you) doing all of the work.

With the HTML Sitemap Generator, it will "look" like you've put a lot of time and effort into your sitemap when in reality you've just point-and-clicked your way to creating it in minutes.

Get More "Love" From The Search Engines

Getting all of your pages indexed by the search engines can be nearly impossible. Sure, you can submit an XML sitemap to places like Google. But Google will unlikely index a page if it can't find a link to it on your site.

If it does, it certaily won't be ranked very high. After all, if there isn't even a link to it on your own site, it certaily can't be that important!

That's where the HTML Sitemap Generator comes into play...

Every page on your site is guaranteed to have a link to it. And if you add a link to your HTML sitemap from your home page (which you should), every page on your site will have a link to it that is just one link away from your home page.

This makes it MUCH easier for search engines such as Google to find all of your pages and add them to their index.


"After procrastinating for far too long,
I finally added a site map to my site.

The HTML Sitemap Generator made
creating my sitemap an embarassingly
easy process. I highly recommend it to you"

Mike Boyter


Hi Ryan,
I wanted to let you know that I have generated a sitemap for my website using your HTML Sitemap Generator. It was very quick and easy to use and the sitemap looks very professional. I'm very happy with it!

Here is a link to the sitemap page:

Thanks again for the opportunity to use this software!

Easy Kids Recipes

I have been very pleased with my sitemap, created with The HTML Sitemap Generator.

The program is easy to use and flexible enough to allow for adding custom bullets and images maintaining site consistency.

The system was a big time saver, as I had 157 pages at the time of the build. Drag and drop made the task quick and easy.

If you have questions, Ryan responds quickly and efficiently.

Rick Bundy


Try The HTML Sitemap Generator Risk-Free

The HTML Sitemap Generator is the best way possible to ensure that your pages are indexed and help your visitors find what they are looking for.

If you want to take advantage of the simple yet tremendous power of the HTML Sitemap Generator, the time is now.

I'm in the process of developing a web-based version of the program. Which I will be charging on a per-domain basis. The HTML Sitemap Generator Version 1 works on an unlimited number of sites, all for one low price.

If you plan on having more Web sites in the future, the best time to act is now. You can have a professional HTML sitemap on all of your Web sites forever!

It's incredibly simple to order...

Use the order link below to purchase. Once complete, you'll be automatically taken to the download page where you can start using the HTML Sitemap Generator instantly.

From there, I want you to use the program risk-free. You'll have 60 days to use the program. If the HTML Sitemap Generator isn't everything that you hoped it would be, I sincerely hope that you ask for your money back.

I created this program to make your life easier. I would honestly feel guilty if you used the program and didn't like it. That's why I've put so much time and effort into making it the best program it could possibly be.

Find out for yourself why I'm confident that the HTML Sitemap Generator does everything that it says it does...


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60-Day Risk Free Trial

Try the HTML Sitemap Generator by purchasing above.

If it isn't up to your standards, for any reason, just shoot me an email. I'll refund you immediately.

That's more than a guarantee. It's a personal promise!

All the best,
Ryan Whiteside
HTML Sitemap Generator Creator